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USAA has three different credit monitoring plans available for its members. The plans provide quite a few useful features and offer a good overall value, with the only drawback being that USAA isn’t open for everyone. You must be a member of the U.S. military or related to someone in the military to be eligible for USAA’s services. Provided you qualify, here are how USAA’s credit monitoring plans break down:


Price: Free

USAA offers its basic CreditCheck plan free of charge to all its members, and considering it doesn’t cost anything, this plan is a strong choice for those on a budget. With this plan, USAA provides you with monthly updates on your Experian credit score, which you can see from your account. If there are any changes to your score, USAA will let you know, as this plan provides daily monitoring of your Experian credit report. You can also set your own credit score goals and UAA will alert you when you reach that score.

When you have this plan, USAA gets your Experian credit report for you annually. You can already request this yourself, but this does make it a bit more convenient to obtain your Experian credit report.

This plan makes the process of recovering from identity theft easier. If you are the victim of identity theft, USAA assigns you an Experian Fraud Resolution Agent to assist you in taking care of it.

One useful tool that’s available with the CreditCheck plan is USAA’s Score Planner. This is an analytical tool that shows you how certain actions will affect your credit score. If you’re thinking about applying for one or two new credit cards, this tool can show you any possible changes that could have for your credit.

Overall, the USAA CreditCheck plan has good features for its price tag. It doesn’t provide comprehensive protection and it certainly won’t catch everything, but it allows you to keep track of your credit without spending anything.

CreditCheck & ID Monitor for 1 Bureau

Price: $7.95 per month

The next level of credit monitoring through USAA is its CreditCheck & ID Monitor plan for one credit reporting bureau. This plan includes all the features already in the previous plan, with several of those features upgraded. It also has multiple additional types of protection.

With this plan, you get updates on your Experian credit score twice per month. This allows you to keep better track of your score, but it isn’t a significant difference. You get your Experian credit report monthly instead of yearly, which allows you to monitor it more effectively. While the CreditCheck plan monitors your Experian credit report daily and alerts you to any changes, this plan also does that with your Equifax and TransUnion credit reports.

This plan has much better protection from identity theft, as you’ll receive notification whenever your personal information is used in an application for a credit card or a bank account. You’ll also get notification if either your name or mailing address is changed on one of your accounts. If you are the victim of identity theft, this plan includes insurance coverage that can reimburse you for certain expenses that you incur as a result, such as lost wages and legal bills.

Experian internet surveillance monitors online sources that often have compromised information to check for your Social Security number, along with your credit or debit card numbers. It then alerts you if it finds your information there. This plan also has ChildSecure to alert you if an identity thief obtains credit in one of your minor children’s names.

If you want comprehensive protection, this plan is an excellent deal. It’s relatively inexpensive and it provides several helpful features to keep your information safe.

CreditCheck & ID Monitor for 3 Bureaus

Price: $12.95 per month

This plan is exactly the same as the previous plan, except you receive monthly credit reports from all three credit reporting bureaus instead of just Experian.

Unless you really want to check all three credit reports monthly, this plan isn’t worth the extra $5. The previous plan provides more than enough protection.