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Modern technology has truly made life much easier for humanity. The rise of the internet and the development of ever more powerful digital devices has changed the way people around the world conduct their lives. That being said, these largely beneficial technologies can also be misused by individuals with sinister intentions. One such digital danger involves the widespread theft of the identities and financial information of internet users. While the perpetrators of such crimes can be hard to locate, there are some institutions that make it their goal to mitigate the damages caused by unscrupulous individuals.

These organizations are known as credit monitoring services, and this article will introduce readers to the significant benefits that credit monitoring companies can bring to the table. It will also provide a list of the top ranked credit monitoring services on the market today.

Why is Credit Monitoring Increasingly Necessary?

While the internet can make many common tasks much easier, using it can often come with a price. This is because many transactions involve the exchange of sensitive personal information with various public entities. These can include medical care providers, governmental organizations, educational institutions, and even credit card companies. Because there is so much information potentially available to so many unknown people, it is necessary for prudent consumers to take effective steps to reduce their possible exposure to the theft of their identities or financial information.

For example, according to the University of Dayton up to 80 million people have been affected by the infamous Anthem data breach. Incidents like these makes it imperative for individuals to take advantage of the expertise of credit monitoring providers.

What are Some of the Services That Credit Monitoring Institutions Provide?

Credit monitoring companies can provide consumers with a wide range of beneficial products and services. Included are some of the following items.

  • Identity theft protection. The better credit monitoring organizations will have a robust identity theft protection regimen in place. These will typically make daily checks on the credit reports of clients that are provided by the three largest credit reporting agencies.

What are Some of the Top-Ranked Credit Monitoring Agencies?

  • Personal information monitoring. Another way that credit monitoring agencies help is with daily scanning of sensitive information connected to their clients. This can include credit card numbers, debit card information, and even social security numbers.
  • Business file updates. Since many business entities are affected by data theft, many credit monitoring companies offer daily checks of business related bank accounts, credit lines, and more.
  •  Security alerts. The best credit monitoring agencies provide their clients with rapid alerts in the event of any unusual activities associated with customer accounts.
  • Lost Wallet Provisions. Another popular service is lost wallet protection. This automates the cancellation and replacement of lost debit or credit cards.
  •  Theft insurance. The better monitoring services will have some provision for identity theft insurance. Some companies are known to provide up to $1 million in coverage.
  • Protection for children. Some online criminals target the social security numbers of minors. The top monitoring services look through suspect databases in order to locate and reverse any such activity.

There are many credit monitoring companies out there, but they don’t all provide the same levels of service. A list of some of the more trusted names in the industry is provided in the following sections.

LifeLock. This service provides a range of identity theft protection services. These include monitoring of bank accounts, credit lines, and even utility bills. If any strange activity is noticed, customers are immediately notified, and steps are taken to minimize any possible damage.

Identity Guard. This is considered to be one of the top three services by many industry experts. It provides customers with affordable Total Protection plans that actively monitor a wide range of databases for any unusual activities associated with client accounts.

Identity Force. Another star in this field, Identity Force offers constant monitoring of the records of the three main credit bureaus, and all for a reasonable price.

As can be seen, there is a lot that goes into protecting personal information online. Individuals who wish to do so effectively will certainly want to take a closer look at the services of these valuable credit monitoring organizations.