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Identity theft is a huge problem and one of the most common crimes at this point in time. It continues to evolve with the advancements in technology, so it should be expected that hackers can strike at any time to steal a person’s identity or financial information this year. Keeping that in mind, it is a good idea to protect your identity and personal and financial information by taking advantage of credit monitoring services. These can not only protect your credit but defend you against identity theft in general. Here are the best credit monitoring services of 2017.

Identity Guard: Identity Guard is the most comprehensive of all the credit monitoring services. It offers two plans, Total Protection for $19.99 per month and Platinum for $24.99 per month, and includes monitoring services of all three major credit reporting bureaus of Experian, TransUnion and Equifax to note any changes in your credit reports, which helps you to make better decisions regarding your finances. In addition, the company also monitors personal information such as names and social security numbers across many databases. For an additional $9.99 per month, you can also include the Identity Guard for Kids plan, which will monitor your child’s personal information. This is a great deal if you have kids as youngsters are surprisingly common targets for identity theft. For instance, you will receive alerts in the event that someone tries to open a credit card in your child’s name.

One of the best aspects of Identity Guard’s credit monitoring service is that if you fall victim to identity theft, you are protected by $1 million in insurance through the company, meaning that all of your losses are covered.

LifeLock: LifeLock is one of the best-known credit monitoring services. It helps to protect your credit as well as your identity by actively monitoring your credit cards, bank accounts and other services while also searching through databases for your personal information. You are alerted via phone or email any time suspicious activity is found. The company works with the major credit bureaus and monitored black market websites that can steal information. There is a $9.99 Standard Plan, $19.99 Advantage Plan, $29.99 Ultimate Plus Plan and a LifeLock Junior add-on that monitors your child’s identity. However, unlike the child monitoring plan from Identity Guard, this is not a standalone plan.

IdentityForce: IdentityForce has plans for $12.95 and $19.95 per month. Its monitoring is comprehensive and keeps track of information such as changes to your address, court records, credit reports, loans and even sex offender lists to ensure that your information isn’t being used without your knowledge. Identity Restoration Specialists are available 24/7 in case you run across a problem. They will handle things if you discover that you have fallen victim to credit card fraud or identity theft so that you don’t have to do anything yourself.

Like other credit monitoring services on this list, IdentityForce will also protect your child’s identity with its Child Watch service. It can be added on to your current plan.

Experian: Experian offers straight-forward credit monitoring services. Get your credit report and FICO score for $19.95 or receive reports from all three credit bureaus for $39.95. This is recommended for individuals who only need to check their credit scores once in awhile. There is also the Experian Credit Tracker option, which gives you your credit report, credit monitoring and fraud resolution support. It costs only $1 for the initial seven-day trial and then increases to $21.95 per month. There is a daily Internet ID scanning feature to detect your personal information, lost wallet protection and fraud resolution for $15.95 per month. There is also an option for small business credit monitoring.

TransUnion: TransUnion will alert you of suspicious activity with your credit cards. You can get your credit score for free and a credit report for $1 with a seven-day trial. There is also identity theft protection via its True Identity plan for $9.95 per month. You will be alerted if there is suspicious activity detected. If you are found to be the victim of fraud, there is a security freeze feature that prevents lenders from viewing your full TransUnion credit report, which protects you from unsolicited credit extension.

The best way to determine which credit monitoring service is best for you to is research a few companies. Get to know everything they offer with their services and compare prices. From there, you will better be able to choose on a specific company.