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Bank of America is known to most people for its financial services. Checking, savings, credit cards, loans, and other such common services are provided by Bank of America to millions of customers. Within the halls of Bank of America’s corporate offices, there is another service afforded to those who do business with the company. Bank of America Privacy Assist is an identity theft protection service made available to the public at a very reasonable price.

In today’s world, investing in a reliable identity theft service should be just as important as taking out any other type of financial-protection policy. Concerns may exist on the legitimacy of identity theft services. The Bank of America brand is a known one. As such, many feel confident that Bank of America will deliver on the promises it makes to customers.

What the Subscriber Acquires

Any type of activity related to credit and finance ends up being reported to the top three credit bureaus. These bureaus are Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. When charges are made on a credit card or money is taken out on a line of credit, these three agencies log the info. Not everyone is aware of changes that occur. By subscribing to Bank of America’s Privacy Assist service, a subscriber is immediately notified when something changes.

An example of this would be a charge made on a Visa card. A series of charges totaling $2,000 resulting from someone stealing the card’s account numbers should be addressed right away. Doing so keeps the charged amount from rising and rising. Also, law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission may be contacted and the incident reported. Government agencies have even advised anyone who is a victim of identity or credit monitoring theft to report the crime to the local state police and the FBI. None of these steps can be done when the victim doesn’t know what has transpired. Privacy Assist provides the much-needed alerts that move a response forward.

Fixing Credit Report Errors

Problems on a credit report will drag down a credit score. When this happens as a result of credit card fraud and identity theft, the whole sordid situation takes on an even worse feeling. Disputing such errors on a credit report may be outside of the skill set of the victim. With a Privacy Assist subscription, Bank of America offers support and assistant from a knowledgeable agent.

An Affordable Cost

The Privacy Assist service offered by Bank of America only costs $9.99 per month. This makes the very basic monitoring service available to a large number of potential customers. The one drawback here is the limited number of features means an equally limited amount of service. Those interested in very comprehensive identity theft protection and credit card fraud might wish to look into a different service provider. As far as basic, minimal service goes, Bank of America may provide a more than adequate amount of coverage. Ultimately, determining whether or not the offered credit monitoring is enough should be up to the needs of the individual.